In 1984, Millennium Settlements Inc. admitted its doors with the aim of becoming an industry leader in the very specialized area of Personal Injury Settlement Design Consulting. Now, Millennium continues to lead the way by offering complete advisory services and economic goods in the business, all designed to best serve disabled claimants, including caretakers and nearest and dearest in several cases, by matching their unique needs and concerns.

With Corporate Offices in Tallahassee, Austin, Texas, Millennium, and San Diego, California, and Florida is represented nationally by 42 structured settlement advisors throughout America. The organization has 16 full-time home office workers that support our advisors on a day to day basis to help ensure the maximum degree of service accessible the business. Our aim stays the same – to lead the business than anybody else can, by serving injured plaintiffs, their families as well as their legal representatives better, and more comprehensively. Our “needs based” approach to resolution design preparation helps ensure our customers are supplied with customized plans that best match they can be exceptional monetary and psychological needs.

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There isn’t anyone in this world just like you. Outstanding demands require extraordinary remedies. As the state’s fastest growing plaintiff and leading -established structured settlement supplier, Millenium Settlements recognizes that, whatever your individual resolution requests demand, every successful result starts with a comprehensive strategy. With Millennium at your side, you command more can anticipate more and settle for much more!

Millenium Settlements approach the complete resolution from a preparation standpoint that is holistic, asking the correct questions and assessing the problems that are significant in depth to produce alternatives that are meaningful. I customize the layout of every resolution strategy to work especially in the very best interest of their families as well as your customers, while also finishing review and file preparation. I pride myself on tracking the construction policy problem procedure, creating construction strategies, preparing files, and reacting promptly to you, while it’s reacting to a question or request. I’m accessible to your customers as well as you personally through the complete procedure.

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There’s not ever a cost to you personally or your customer for my services.

Involving me early in your instance empowers me to guide and to help your customers involving various construction strategies as well as you, as well as the price to finance future damages. My services comprise these sorts of cases:

  • Minors/Adult Personal Injury Cases.
  • Medical Malpractice Cases
  • Wrongful Death Cases
  • Constructions for MSAs (& non-MSAs) on Workers Comp Cases
  • Structuring Attorney Fees
  • Creating Special Needs Trusts/Pool Trusts
  • Employment Law
  • Family Law
  • Sexual Harassment
  • Building Cases.