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There are several versions of posts and curtains accessible from B&Q, and we offer a broad variety of choices to suit every design. Most of the Colours range was made to coordinate with other Colours products like pillows and paints. It is an excellent solution to ensure when decorating a room, and the color scheme will fit.

What’s the dissimilarity between courses and curtain poles?

Both can be utilized for precisely the same function; yet, curtain tracks are only able to be-be used to hang pencil pleat drapes while pencil pleat and eyelet curtains can hang.

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Why pick drape tracks?

Drape courses are produced from metal or white plastic and sit close to the wall. Curtains are hung, using curtain hooks, from ‘gliders’ which go smoothly along the drape course.

Drape tracks are usually much less observable than ม่านปรับแสง posts when you’d prefer your soft furnishings to make an impression and also make a great alternative, or are seeking a minimalist, mess-free alternative. Curtains courses may be painted to coordinate with the wall behind for an ‘invisible’ look, plus courses can simply be fitted to bay windows if primed. Corded variations are a great choice when mounting drapes above a high window, and allow it to be simple to pull your curtains.

If you want to put in a decorative valance on top of your window; a valance railing could be hung in parallel to the drape course.

Why pick curtains posts?

Drapes posts can be found in a wide selection of materials, finishes, and colors and may be utilized with many different drape sorts, making this a versatile choice for the majority of houses. Selecting the most appropriate drape post will help make a characteristic of your room, which is simple to add individuality and style to your space by selecting finials that are complementary.

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Selecting drape tracks

*Pick the best weight of path for your drapes – unlined and or shorter length drapes lined suit lightweight trail and long span drapes will need more heavyweight path

*Determine whether you’d favor course that is corded or uncorded. Corded trails allow it to be effortless to draw your drapes, and are a perfect alternative where the window could be tough to achieve

*Most packs contain mounts and gliders (which let the drapes to go along the path), but if buying components individually make certain you’ve enough for the length of course and weight of drapes

*Don’t forget: You’ll need drape hooks to hang your curtains if not contained in the drape course pack.

Selecting curtains posts

*Consider the weight and sort of drapes you’ll be hanging. Heftier drapes (including line, or long span drapes) the wider the diameter of the post you may need. Lightweight drapes may be hung on mm post, and 16/19 a 13/16mm or heavyweight curtains will need a 25/28 mm post or bigger.

*Consider the substance of the post. Wood is ideally suited to traditional, classic or rustic insides; metal suits many insides from conventional to sleek modern. Colour or the finish of the post may also help order the general appearance.

*Pick whether you would rather get a curtain pole kit including brackets, curtain rings (if needed) and finals or if you would rather add individualism by blending and matching

*Don’t forget: If your plan is to hang pencil pleat drapes from a post, you’ll need curtain and curtain ring hooks to attach the drape to the bands. Consider adding additional bands to the post in the event you would like a look that is more collected.

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What span of path or curtain pole should I pick?

Start by measuring the width of the window break, and let an additional 15-20cm both sides of this. In the event, you intend to hang heavyweight, or broader drapes contemplate adding additional allowance on each side as the material could be bulkier. If you’re uncertain of just how much allowance you consider extendable posts will want and course.

I got a bay window, what are my alternatives?

Both posts and courses can be fitting to bay windows. Choose plastic courses which is often turned by hand to fit a curve if selecting curtains courses, and use added mounts to make sure that it fits close to the wall. Try to find metal curtain pole kits created for bay windows, in the event you’d favor curtains posts. Included in these are flexible bay window joining bits which add curves’ between straight spans of the post. Additionally, they contain curtain rings and unique mounts that will enable the curtain and bands to be transferred along the full length of post.

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