One of the advantages of canvas prints is they can be hung without framing on your wall, but canvas prints can be framed for a finished appearance. Prints are framed in depths less than two inches when the print is mounted. Canvas prints aren’t hidden behind glass since part of the attractiveness of canvas prints is in the feel of the painting is framed. How do you decide whether to frame your canvas print mounted or hang it?

canvas art prints


Prints do not want a frame. A canvas printing that is finished may match mindset and the decor of any room in your house with or without a frame. Especially when the decor of space is more on the side many choose canvas art prints for the style they supply. You might want to think to hang a canvas print unframed if:

You like the concept of employing mirror wrapping, picture, or a gallery, where the borders of the picture wrap around the edges of the canvas stretcher frame. Note that float frames from a frame may enable the canvas borders to show.

It’s part of a set of images that are thought to flow. If you’re not careful, especially if the pictures are sequential although these can be framed, the narrative flow might break up.

You’re still planning the decor out to your area where the canvas printing is going to be hung, and aren’t sure whether you’re prepared to commit to a framework that could influence the rest of your strategy.

canvas art prints


Framing a canvas print does more than giving an appearance; it can add your print and extra protection if the print is wrapped in a high traffic area. Though you might consider before hanging if framing your canvas print, there are rules to this choice:

Nearly all (or even all) of the art in the room is already framed. In this circumstance, you may wish to be certain unless you’re following influences your canvas prints are styled to fit.

You prefer a finished look instead of a presentation. However, modern or contemporary prints can be framed look towards frames.

In which you wish to hang it, the subject matter from the point is that it should match the area. In some instances, framing might assist canvas prints to fit your decor carefully or help that prints pop!

canvas art prints