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With numerous models available, there is a device to suit everybody. These phones provide a higher quality experience that goes beyond creating texts and calls. You can do anything.

The Samsung Galaxy Family

Made by Samsung Electronics, the first Samsung Galaxy continued introduced on the market in June 2009. Since then there’s been an assortment of follow up versions, including tablets as well as the S Series phones that are most recent. The S Series comprises the phones, and they incorporate a collection of features.

samsung mobile

Before selecting the ideal phone, you want to ascertain whether you’re looking for a feature-rich smartphone or even more of a pure telephone with added capabilities. A look at a number of the versions lives seen below.

The Samsung Galaxy S4

This version is among the most recent, and it is also one of the very impressive Samsung mobile available. There are some technologies used to generate the S4 one powerful and unique mobile on the market.

Using a 5 inch, complete HD Super AMOLED display, the images on this mobile are incredible. The telephone has been designed to make life easier. Samsung has made it fitter — the S4 has the ability.

Just a few of the remarkable features you can expect from the

  • telephone include:
  • 16, 32 or 64GB memory
  • Autofocus 13MP camera
  • Samsung Smart Pause
  • Air View
  • Google Mobile Services
  • Autofocus Camera

The Autofocus camera includes zero shutter lag and flash. There has also been video feature, and a photo added that means too and that you can take pictures using the rear and front camera add yourself afterward.

Smart Pause

The Smart Pause feature is among the most impressive developments with the S4. You can control the screen. You look away, and if you’re watching a movie, the movie will pause so that you do not miss any of this action. The film will start. Without touching the display, it is also possible to read pages and emails. Your comments are sensed by the mobile and detect when you will need to scroll down.

Samsung Air View

Air View enables you to preview emails just by hovering your finger over them. You can use this feature to your gallery and preview videos. You take an incoming call directly or can switch to a different music track. These are merely some of the features which you may experience with exciting and this innovative.

The Samsung Galaxy S1

The Samsung Galaxy S1 is indeed the third set of smartphones introduced by the organization. It moved published in June 2010 and variations of the apparatus were launched. The most popular of these was the GT-i9000. This touchscreen version uses an ARM Hummingbird chip, and it comes with 16GB or 8 of flash memory.

Its main characteristics include:

  1. 5MP standard camera and 0.3MP front-facing camera
  2. Wi-Fi connectivity
  3. Mini Sim
  4. Upgradable to Gingerbread v2.3
  5. Thousands of programs available

It might be among the lower end smartphones, but at the time of its launch, the Galaxy S1 was the first Android cellphone to become DivX HD certified. It was also the thinnest of its type, measuring only 9.9mm.

In addition to the real phone, you can purchase a high number of accessories including chargers, cases, batteries and replacement displays.

The Samsung Galaxy Ace

If you’re looking for a slightly cheaper Smartphone, the Galaxy ACE could be perfect. It is a phone with a small design. Lots of men and women find the Galaxy S3 and S4 a little too large. The ACE is best if you need a phone that is easy to fit in your pocket.

samsung mobile

Some of the features you can expect from the ACE include:

  • 800 MHz chip
  • 3.5 HVGA screen
  • Access to over 40,000 programs
  • 5MP camera
  • Interchangeable back panels

This smartphone takes you back to the times of the Nokia with its interchangeable covers. It is a smartphone. If you don’t wish to spend more than necessary the cost that is inexpensive is a tremendous benefit.

Overall, if you wish to be up-to-date and have a telephone, equipped with the latest hardware and software, you should select the most recent representative of the Samsung Galaxy household. On the flip side, although you like to hold a device that is potent but can live to the performance of the phone have a look at its predecessors.

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